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Whether you need one SIM or many, connect your Internet of Things (IoT) devices to the Telstra network including 4G and LP-WAN (Cat-M1 and NB-IoT) in compatible devices. Choose from a range of plans to suit your business needs.

Why Telstra Internet of Things data plans?


Choose from the flexibility of no lock-in contracts with Telstra IoT Data Plans and LPWAN Data Plans or the freedom to pool your data across devices with our 24 month contract M2M Shared Data Plans.


We have plans ranging from 50KB to 100GB. You can choose plans that are ‘Standalone Data’ plans, and don’t share data with any other plans. Or our ‘Shared Data’ plans, that enable you to share data with other ‘Shared Data’ plans.

Telstra IoT Connection Manager

Telstra IoT Connection Manager gives you the visibility and insights to help you manage your connected IoT devices. 

Take control of your IoT fleet with Telstra IoT Connection Manager

You need to have a Telstra IoT Data SIM or LPWAN plan, before requesting access to Telstra IoT Connection Manager.

Data SIM plans with the data you need

Nobody wants to pay for data they don’t use, so we offer a wide range of plans that suit the needs of your devices and applications. You can choose plans that share data, or those that don’t.

What’s the difference between Telstra IoT data plans and LP-WAN plans?

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Why standalone?

Our standalone Telstra IoT data plans and LP-WAN plans suit IoT devices with predictable data use. These plans don’t share their data.

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Plan name Data allowance Monthly fee Excess (/MB)
Telstra LPWAN data plan 100KB* 100KB $1.00 $10.24
Telstra LPWAN data plan 500KB* 500KB $1.50 $3.07
Telstra IoT data plan 50KB 50KB $1.76 $19.60
Telstra IoT data plan 100KB 100KB $2.09 $9.80
Telstra IoT data plan 500KB 500KB $2.53 $4.75
Telstra IoT data plan 1MB 1MB $2.97 $2.85
Telstra IoT data plan 5MB 5MB $4.95 $0.90
Telstra IoT data plan 10MB 10MB $6.05 $0.54
Telstra IoT data plan 50MB 50MB $7.92 $0.14
Telstra IoT data plan 100MB 100MB $8.80 $0.08
Telstra IoT data plan 300MB 300MB $11.00 $0.08
Telstra IoT data plan 500MB 500MB $12.65 $0.03
Telstra IoT data plan 1GB 1GB $14.50 $0.03
Telstra IoT data plan 3GB 3GB $28.00 $0.03
Telstra IoT data plan 5GB 5GB $36.00 $0.03
Telstra IoT data plan 8GB 8GB $47.00 $0.03
Telstra IoT data plan 10GB 10GB $48.00 $0.03
Telstra IoT data plan 15GB 15GB $54.00 $0.03
Telstra IoT data plan 20GB 20GB $60.00 $0.03
Telstra IoT data plan 25GB 25GB $66.00 $0.03
Telstra IoT data plan 50GB 50GB $96.00 $0.03
Telstra IoT data plan 100GB 100GB $168.00 $0.03

* Requires compatible device. Plans are speed-limited. See above for more information.

Critical information summary

Plan Name Data Allowance Contract term Monthly cost per services Excess Data Cost (PerMB) Min cost over 24 months
M2M Shared plan 100KB 100KB 24 mths $2.40 $18.00 $57.60
M2M Shared plan 500KB 500KB 24 mths $3.00 $6.00 $72.00
M2M Shared plan 1MB 1MB 24 mths $3.60 $3.62 $86.40
M2M Shared plan 3MB 3MB 24 mths $4.80 $2.40 $115.20
M2M Shared plan 5MB 5MB 24 mths $6.00 $1.20 $144.00
M2M Shared plan 10MB 10MB 24 mths $8.40 $1.20 $201.60
M2M Shared plan 150MB 150MB 24 mths $12.00 $0.60 $288.00
M2M Shared plan 300MB 300MB 24 mths $18.00 $0.30 $432.00
M2M Shared plan 1GB 1GB 24 mths $24.00 $0.30 $576.00
M2M Shared plan 3GB 3GB 24 mths $46.80 $0.12 $1123.20

Critical information summary

Why shared?

The M2M Shared Data plans can only share data with other M2M Shared Data plans. These plans suit applications where data use varies. These could include tracking, security cameras or digital signage.

Why Telstra?

Australia’s Largest IoT Network

The Telstra IoT Network offers a range of network technologies to connect a range of use cases within your business.

One bill, one account

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Account management

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Telstra IoT Connection Manager

Telstra IoT Connection Manager lets you view and manage your IoT fleet connectivity at scale and in detail.


You need to have a Telstra IoT Data SIM or LPWAN plan, before requesting access to Telstra IoT Connection Manager.


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